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FACT: 1118A.D is the accepted date for the formation of the Knight Templars (Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon) (Knights of the Temple) (Holy Knights)

FACT: October 13, 1307 by order of Philip IV (Philip the Fair) of France and Pope Clement V Jaque DeMolay and most Templar Knights were arrested.

FACT: Not all Templar Knights were captured. Many fled to other contries.

FACT: Robert the Bruce and the people of Scotland were under an excommunication order from the pope (also Pope Clement V)


1. Oct. 13, 1307 – Arrest of Jaque DeMolay and Knights

2. November 1307 – Papal Bull issues for the arrest of all Templars and the property held for the Church.

3. March 11, 1313 – Jaque DeMolay was take to a scaffold at Notre Dame to to avow his confession (taken under torture and to keep his Officers from being tortured). Instead of avowing the confession he said “ I do confess my guilt, which consist in having to my shame and dishonour suffered myself, through the pain of torture and the fear of death, to give utterance to falsehood, imputing scandalous sins and iniquities to an illustrious Order, which hath nobly served the cause of Christianity. I disdain to seek wretched and disgraceful existence by engrafting a naked lie upon the original falsehood.”

4. 1313 - All Templar property (except Scotland) transferred to the Knight Hospitallers and official dissolution of the Templars. (Cash transferred to the Church)

5. March 18, 1314- Execution of DeMolay


1. The Templars, after the arrest of the deMolay and the issuance

of arrest warrant for all Templars in France and other countries,

fled across Europe and other lands.

2. Scotland was under excommunication and Robert The Bruce

welcomes them and even enlist many Templars into his battle

against England (Catholic Nation at that time).

3. Because of the 'arrest order' many Templars sought sanctuary

far from the English Border in the Scottish Highland.

4. After arrival in Scotland many Templars began new live and

some in the army of Robert the Bruce and worked as military

advisors, trainers and warriors.

5. In June of 1314, after the death of the Grand Master DeMolay

in March 1314, the army of Robert the Bruce and Templar forces

defeated the English at the Battle of Bannockburn.

6. There were approximately 20,000 English warriors and 6,000

Scottish warriors,. The English suffered almost 12,000 dead or

injured and the Scottish deaths and injuries were minimal.

7. Years later Robert the Bruce, knowing that he would need

to make 'make peace' with the church, turned over most of

the Templar property to the Knight Hospitilers but this

property was kept on a different property rolls and

not 'merged' with the Hospitiler property.

8. Robert the Bruce spread the word that Templars in Scotland

should 'go underground' so they would not be turned over to

the Catholic Church.


1. 1762 – Ratification of the Grand Constitution in Berlin.

2. A Copy of this Grand Constitution was sent to Inspector General Stephen Morin who accepted it and the resolutions.

3. No Supreme Councils were in place till 1786 when a reorganisation took place.

4. Before the Supreme Councils were in place the authority rested with the Deputy Inspectors General within a certain geographical area.

5. The new Constitution of 1786 provided for a Council of 9 members in each nation who had all Masonic prerogatives within their districts.

6. Two (2) Supreme Councils were provided for in the United States with equal power in their jurisdictions.

7. On May 31, 1801 in Charleston South Carolina the first Supreme Council was “opened with high honours” under the Constitution of 1786.

8. During this session the Patent of 1761 from Stephen Morin was

recognised along with the Grand Constitution of 1762.


1. 1762 Stephen Morin of France was commissioned as Inspector General for the New World by the Grand Consistory of Sublime Princes of the Royal secret in Paris to introduce the Rite to America.

2. Morin established bodies in Santo Domingo and Jamaica.

3. Morin commissioned Henry Andrew Francken, who came to Jamaica, to establish the Rite in the America.

4. Francken reached New York in 1767 and established a Lodge of Perfection in Albany in the Continental America.

5. Both Francken and Morin had been given the authority to establish Lodges and appoint Inspectors.

1781 – Lodge established in Philadelphia

1783 – Lodge in Charleston South Carolina

1796 - Lodge in Baltimore established

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